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We’re glad you’re excited about speakers, we are too! Our speakers’ topics will focus around the theme for the year, “Cultural Reboot, Department Care for Community Care”.

The Re-freshing Leader - Harnessing the Power of "RE"

Kirk Weisler, Professional Coach

Kirk Weisler is an expert at creating amazing and intentional workplace cultures and high performance teams. His background as a US Army Ranger, a member of the 19th Special Forces Chaplaincy, and his work with at-risk youth make him a very fun and engaging speaker.

Kirk Weisler

Measuring and Reporting Your Agency's Real Community Value

Micheal Despain, Lincoln Fire Chief

This presentation will focus on the importance of finding outcome measurements that make a difference to your community; then taking complex data and presenting it in a format that is more quickly and easily understood by elected officials, media and community members.

Micheal Despain

Is That Your Final Answer? Ethics in the Fire Service

Diane Schroeder, Battalion Chief Louisville, CO

Diane Schroeder has spent 19 years in the fire service, most of that time in a busy city department. In December of 2018, she accepted a Battalion Chief position for Louisville Fire Protection District in Louisville, CO. She has a BA in Public Administration and is an Executive Fire officer graduate. She is passionate about working with and speaking about healthy work cultures.

Diane Schroeder

Growth and Resiliency After a Critical Incident: My Story

Stephen Conn, Battalion Chief Colerain, OH

Following a fire in which he had to call a mayday, Chief Conn describes some of the mental and emotional challenges of processing the critical event and has a frank discussion about firefighter suicide and mental health interventions. Chief Conn discusses PTSD and ways in which we can mitigate the psychological effects of a critical incident among our crews.

Stephen Conn

A Culture of Cancer Prevention

Gus Hendricks and Brian Cherveny, Deputy Chief & Captain Grand Junction, CO

After facing a cancer diagnosis in our own department, Grand Junction Fire Department Leaders share our journey toward making our department safer for our crews on the front lines including how the department overcame cultural challenges to protect our own.

Hendricks and Cherveny